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Re: cannot use debian because of too many problems...

On Sat, 16 Apr 2016, Arnoud van der Veer wrote:

> Hello, 
> I am running into many problems unfortunately while using Debian.I
> wish I knew how to solve them, but I don't.I tried to install DEVEDE
> as a new package yesterday in order to be able to burn dvd's.I do not
> succeed in this, since the process of installing is not finished:
> cannot connect to etc. I understand that the packages cannot be
> retrieved from the debian server. (I have been trying this since
> yesterday evening and it still does not work, so it does not seem to
> be a temporarily problem) So that's one thing. But it does not stop
> at that! Ever since I tried to install new packages in order to be
> able to use DEVEDE, I cannot use Flowblade nor Openshot anymore since
> now all of a sudden, these programs are not able anymore to open
> my .mov files. And I have been using these programs several times
> before with this same .mov files! These is the situation ever since I
> tried to install these mentioned new packages, hoping this would
> ofcourse augment my possibilities within Debian instead of
> diminishing my possibilities! As a result I can now do less within
> Debian....So I though: well, lets save my .mov files unto a usb stick
> and in so doing put these files unto another computer with Windows
> running onto it, and finish what I want to do with these files.
> (which is making a movie out of it)No, this is also not possible!
> Simply because Debian is not able to save these files unto a usb
> stick: files is too large and someting wrong with dividing the files.
> So i cannot get the files unto another computer....The Synaptic
> package manager is also giving problems: it says, since the failed
> attempt to install new packages, that some packages are defect. So I
> gave the command to repair them. This seems to work, but it does not:
> it says that " problems with dependencies are solved succesfully" . I
> do not think so! As soon as I leave the synaptic package manager,
> packages are defect again...Well, all of this leaves me confused: a
> failure to download/install new packages should in my honest opinion
> not lead to greater problems and making it impossible to use programs
> one used before! In this way it means that you better stay away from
> trying to install new packages! This should not be the case!I would
> have liked to use my computers with Debian as an OS instead of
> Windows, but it does not seem to be a good alternative for that; not
> stable and trustworthy enough for a user; maybe for a programmer, but
> not for a user who relies on a computer to get work done.I am lost
> now and do not know how to get Debian to work properly. Brasero also
> fails in burning dvd's for standalone dvd players: it simply does not
> do it; nothing in fact after having given the command. It states that
> it is busy making a mpeg2 files for burning on a dvd, but nothing
> happens...no error mentioned at all, but after hours and hours of
> waiting, no progress whatsoever. (that's why I wanted to install
> DEVEDE, which now brought me in greater difficulties...) Too many
> problems for me I must say! For a normal pc user this is not a good
> alternative for using Windows. Windows costs money, yes, but I have
> never, ever encountered so many problems on a pc running on Windows
> in comparison to a pc running on Debian! This is more for a
> programmer; not for a user who has to get some work done in a
> reliable manner! Regards, Arnoud

Do you want help solving your problems?  Or do you just want to vent?
If the former, post details of your hardware, Debian version installed
and were there any problems with that, what you did exactly, etc.  If
the latter ... 


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