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Re: Three Problems Yet Remaining

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 11:06 PM Alan McConnell <alan@his.com> wrote:
Assembled Wisdom!

The first and most important problem is:  my iceweasel crashes instantaneously upon
being invoked, whether from the Activities list on the LH side or from the command
line.  It was totally reliable under   wheezy.

Second:  my mutt, invoked from the terminal/command line.  crashes instantaneously
also.  Before I resigned myself to the gnome environment, it ran fine.

I suspect the cause of these 2 issues is the same. We'd need to see log files eg /var/log/messages or something, or maybe the xsession-errors file, to make any progress on what might be the problem. Are you running Jessie now? I'm running Iceweasel on Jessie on amd64 architecture with no stability problems.
Three:  where is the utility  file  ?  I used this all the time in previous
Debian installations.

if you mean the file command, that can tell you the type of a file, it's still there, it's in a package called, imaginatively, file. "apt-get install file" as root should restore it if it is missing from your system. It was just there on mine.


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