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Re: blu ray burning with samsung se506cb in debian jessie


Dominique Dumont wrote:
> > > try with -speed=1

i wrote:
> > What are the negative symptoms if you do not use this option ?

> The burn process DVD-DL at full speed (8x) on a plextor dvd burner apparently
> works fine, but read verification shows i/o errors on 2 diffrerent drives.

If this is reproducible, then drive and/or media are at the edge of

Did you already try with preventing automatic formatting of the BD-R by

To my (personal, subjective, questionable) experience the write quality
is better without Defect Management (e.g. with growisofs on unformatted
BD-R). I conclude this from the fact that i could write and read BD-RE
and BD-R without Defect Management which nearly always failed if it was

I am thrifty and thus normally use BD-RE for experiments. But i already
had occasions where BD-R were unreliable.
In the end, either the poorly compatible media were used up or the
drive dropped dead completely. I had to replace 1 Pioneer and 1 LG during
the last 8 years of BD burning.

Have a nice day :)


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