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Re: Grossly OT - WW2 start

Adam Wilson wrote:

> I consider the second world war an extension of the first- there really
> was only one "hot" World War, from the 1910s to the 1940s, with two major
> outbreaks of violence as the old (European) imperial order collapsed and
> the new (American) imperial order arose.
> The net result was that Europe was knocked off its throne and the US
> ascended to Europe's former position in those turbulent 40 years or so.

Adam Wilson,
I like you more and more. Thanks for taking your time. I got tired after
someone got rude, but I am glad I see someone who shares my opinion more or
less. I must admit that you put forward my thoughts in much better English
and order.
Yes there is a big crises with those two wars and the reason was to reshape
the world. In fact all starts somewhen in the 18th century, but the
escalation was obvious in the 20th.
However I'm sick of hearing here that the USA won somehow the WWII. They
moved into Europe in 1944. Of course they helped, but as nowdays (and this
was my point in the first mail) they supported both sides, knowing that
this way they get weaker. Just as today they support ISIS and pretend to
fight ISIS in the same time - hypocrisy pure.
At least the Soviets did not pretend to be democracy. They called it
dictatorship of the people. For the western world now it should
dictatorship of corporations.


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