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Jessie unable to start lvm2 on boot (raspbian)

I have an USB connected hard disk on my raspberry, and that is used via lvm2.

This worked as charm in wheezy, but after I upgraded to jessie it does not work. Every time after a reboot the boot sequence aborts and sshd is not up (maybe because the /home is an lvm2-partition...) and I have to connect a monitor and keyboard into the normally headless box.

There I have the following snippets in my /etc/rc.local

vgchange -a y
service lvm2 start
mount -a

(and then the starts of various services depending on the newly mounted parts...)

I have to enter root password to enter recovery mode in the boot sequence, and the run the /etc/rc.local not once, but twice, and after everything seems ok I have to systemctl default and disconnect the cables.

Very irritating. I would be very grateful if someone with similar problems had a cure for this!



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