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Re: Troubleshooting Support Reg

Mohammed Aathif.C wrote:

> Actually my issue is, My Debian(V5) is not booting to desktop. Its
> rebooting when I choose Debian OS in Boot Manu. Please let know the
> troubleshooting steps without any loss of my data in my machine, I have so
> many most important data's.

If you care for your data, get a USB stick with ex: Ubuntu live or Debian
live and boot from the USB stick. You can then inspect your drives and make
backups or whatever.

If you have a dual boot system and have modified something there it could be
that you damaged or somehow did something to the partitions, so that you
see the grub prompt, but nothing else.
What do you see exactly in your menu and after you select Debian OS - what
is the message.


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