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Re: Troubleshooting Support Reg

Le 17/03/2016 05:55, Mohammed Aathif.C a écrit :
Hi Support Team,


this is not a support team (Debian being free software, there is nothing like an official support team :-(

We are simple users that try to help others

If it's not the right one please redirect me to the right path to get me
the right solution.

we can try (but there are many other groups that do the same)

Actually my issue is, My Debian(V5) is not booting to desktop. Its
rebooting when I choose Debian OS in Boot Manu. Please let know the
troubleshooting steps without any loss of my data in my machine, I have
so many most important data's.

If you have debian in boot menu, it's that you have a boot menu, so two cases:

* it's the debian menu - is there the debian logo somewhere? and then you only to have to choose the default boot, but I don't think it's the case because normally Debian make himself the default

* you have to press a key to access the computer boot menu, and it's certainly a recent computer with UEFI. If so in the same menu (or an other got with some other key), you can have access tio the UEFI firmware. There you have a setup of the boot order. Every make have it's own UEFI display, so I can't help you more

Some UEFI computers do not have the set boot order menu, but if you can start debian, you can do it from within debian, but it's not very easy (command line)

from Windows 10 you can change this order with an utility you have to install, called "easyefi" (no need to take the paying version)


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