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Re: Iceweasel update error on Wheezy

On 16/03/2016 11:40 PM, John Hasler wrote:
> Marc writes:
>> I am perfectly happy to continue downloading from Mozilla if that will
>> keep me current, and Debian's repo will not.
> Why do you need to keep current?  Just curious.

Well, security is a good reason to remain current; but those ESR
versions get security updates.

It /may/ be better to stick with ESR on the basis that Mozilla likes to
change things up regularly and it breaks how Firefox works :(

Latest case in point, Firefox 44.x would allow nice and easy copy of a
section of a webpage (links, pictures, everything) -- ready to be pasted
in to an email or a document of some type (fully formatted with relative
link adjustments).  It worked very well, better than saving entire pages
or printing to PDF or similar.  Now with Firefox 45, all you get is
plain text; it seems to be formatted plain text (color?) .. but that's
it.  This is a significant change.

Going forward, lots and lots of extensions will likely need complete
re--writes due to Mozilla changing how they will support extensions (old
extensions that are abandoned and have worked well for years, won't get
any love).

I want updates, but I don't want functionality to change so much that
things that worked easily before are now impossible or much more difficult.

Oh and they took away tab groups reently too, but there is a current
extension that adds that facility back.

Part of the problem with Firefox is that it is too driven to compete
with Chrome -- all the reasons that I prefer Firefox are being
destroyed, rather than fixed or cherished.  And I don't want to use
spyware that is Chrome unless I have no choice.  Let Firefox stand on
it's own, it doesn't need to be a Chrome clone; heck Chrome was born out
of Firefox in the first place.....

Kind Regards

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