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Re: Good keyboard see url

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 01:00:47AM -0400, doug wrote:
> On 03/13/2016 08:23 PM, David Niklas wrote:
> I just sent a reply about IBM model M. Here's an URL about Clicky
> Keys--the outfit that refurbs them.
> http://www.wired.com/2015/07/meet-master-old-school-clicky-clacky-keyboard/
I cannot help but throw a good word in for the old IBM keyboards. Back
in the '90s I bought six of them at $5 each because my experience was
that keyboards don't last. However, only one of the six gave out in the
intervening years, and that was because in an effort to clean one by
pouring in alcohol I managed to dissolve its innards.

I like the positive feedback, although the clicking noise might disturb
others. Being heavy, it stays in place, but I suspect the muscular
effort typing might contribute to carpel tunnel. My keyboards have
circular DIN or PS/2 connectors, significantly different lengths of
cord, some coiled and others straight.

I might mention that Unicomp reproduces the Model M, but with a USB
connector and MS key. It has the same weight and key action, but is a
bit smaller in overall size and is available in black. Unfortunately one
of its keys started to make continual contact, and so I had to put it
aside until I find time for its repair. It may be that the Unicomp
keyboard is of somewhat lesser quality than the old Model M.

Haines Brown

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