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Password protecting grub

I wish to password protect grub bootloader. I tried the steps available on online manuals as of RedHat, Ubuntu, etc. All experiments were on a VirtualBox machine, so my system remains safe. However, I didn't get success. 
Every time I write the line to the config file and run update-grub, I get the response 
"password : command not found".

I made experiments with the following files:

" set superusers="root" 
  password root rootpassword
" password mypassword "
" password --md5 $$$%#$ "

different times. Each time, I had the same error generated.

My current system, where changes are expected has Debian Stretch on a UEFI installation. So, I have no idea whether the things are same or different for UEFI and Legacy. 
Also, when I tried to install grub (for grub-md5-crypt), it asked to remove grub-efi and install grub-pc, grub-legacy and their team.
I need EFI because I have Windows as dual boot, I haven't used for long, but I still want to retain it.

Himanshu Shekhar

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