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Re: Does anyone know how to configure a Brother MFC-J5720DW with cups?

Le 15/03/2016 16:01, David Wright a écrit :

You write "Is Airprint free?". Is this a real question or a pointed
remark designed to create more discussion? I can't tell. Why don't
you just look it up?

You write "not from me, but from others, may be." Perhaps you
might google the following phrase. That's what I think.

I got the impression than you don't want to use the brother driver because it's not free. If it's not that, I'm sorry.

if It's that, I think that a driver is just an extension of the hardware, so why use a non free hardware an don't use the same non free driver.

this don't mean working on a free solution is not interesting, but replacing a non free solution by a non free other solution is not very funny.

We all work constantly with non free solutions, including RMS, whatever he says... the more the better, but where to stop?


(and so on...)

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