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Re: Why so big EFI partition?

Albin@Otterhall.com wrote:
>On 03/02/2016 07:42 PM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
>> There is no ratio. 500 MB is the generally recommended size for the EFI
>> system partition even though the Debian GRUB EFI bootloader needs much
>> less, and 250 MB for /boot is one of the questionable arbitrary choices
>> that the guided mode does for you. If you're not happy with these
>> choices feel free to use the manual mode instead.
>Why is it generally recommended? Does other distributions store other
>things in the EFI partition that Debian doesn't?

There's a reasonable discussion of this in Ubuntu's BTS at


with lots of links to articles elsewhere. Basically, there are lots of
reported (real and potential) issues with smaller sizes, so we've
picked a larger size by default for the guided partitioning. Feel free
to pick smaller if you like and if it works for you.

(The Ubuntu and Debian UEFI support is broadly similar, sharing a lot
of code and ideas.)

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