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Re: Why so big EFI partition?

> On 02/03/16 08:42 AM, Albin Otterhäll wrote:
>> When doing a guided partition when installing debian, the
>> debian-installer creates a EFI (/boot/efi) partition with approximately
>> 500MB, and a /boot partition with around 250MB. Why this weird ratio
>> between them?

There is no ratio. 500 MB is the generally recommended size for the EFI
system partition even though the Debian GRUB EFI bootloader needs much
less, and 250 MB for /boot is one of the questionable arbitrary choices
that the guided mode does for you. If you're not happy with these
choices feel free to use the manual mode instead.

Gary Dale a écrit :
> I also don't think that the partition would be mounted at 
> /boot/efi - mine isn't. In fact none of my systems have a mountable EFI 
> partition because the partition doesn't contain a file system.

Then it is not an EFI system partition. An EFI system partition must
contain a FAT filesystem. If it has the EFI system partition GUID type
but does not contain a FAT filesystem, then it is useless. Aren't you
confusing it with a BIOS boot (aka bios_grub) partition ?

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