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Re: POP3 was: Re: command not found [SOLVED]

On Friday 18 December 2015 14:02:52 Martin Read wrote:

> On 18/12/15 18:14, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Ok, I have constructed a recursive pull ~/.wgetrc, but all I get are
> > syntax errors.  The file: (which kmail cannit insert, so copy-paste)
> > gene@coyote:~/Documents/dovecot-wiki$ cat ~/.wgetrc
> > -np
> > --follow-ftp
> > -r
> > -l 20
> > -k
> Using "info wget" to read the wget user manual, I see that your wgetrc
> is indeed syntactically invalid. To do what yours appears to be
> intended to do, you would need something like:
> no_parent = on
> follow_ftp = on
> recursive = on
> reclevel = 20
> convert_links = on

I changed it, and while it is attempting to do something, the errors are 
abundant, like no permission, 403 FORBIDEN, and 503 SERVICE NOT 
AVAILABLE  Total files retrieved and converted are only about 30.

Many of the filenames were long strings of high bit set hex numbers. None 
of which existed. So obviously I need to set a few more options.  But 

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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