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Re: Moving Partitions

On 12/16/2015 05:39 AM, David Baron wrote:
In the continuing struggle to undo the damage of the ridiculous partitions
made by the installer, I bought another one terra disk and now have loads of
/usr space and and real /opt partition.
> / root, which is on a old 80gig IDE

For my SOHO network, I prefer a "small/fast" drive (e.g. SSD) for the OS and "smaller" data, and a "large" drive (e.g. 7200 RPM SATA) for "larger" data (downloads, music, pictures, video, etc.; shared via Samba).

Back up your settings and data, wipe your system drive, do a fresh install (choose manual partitioning; I do 0.5 GB boot, 0.5 GB swap, and 13.4 GB root for 90% of 16 GB), and restore your settings and data.


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