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Re: OT: reply styles, family matters

Le duodi 12 frimaire, an CCXXIV, Neal P. Murphy a écrit :
> You have to print the file in reverse bit order for that to work. :)

Nitpick: in reverse SAMPLE order. If you play the file in reverse bit order,
you will get the low-order bits white noise with maximum volume, making it
complete garbage.

And of course, this is for PCM. For MP3, reversing the bit order or the
octet order would result in unplayable garbage, since MP3 or any compressed
codec has some internal structure. It would probably be possible to write a
bitstream filter capable of reversing the order of the samples in a MP3
frame, that would probably make an interesting waste of time for a competent
hacker. It would probably not be possible for Opus, though.


  Nicolas George

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