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Re: Tip of the hat to Michael Biebl

Am 10.11.2015 um 02:37 schrieb Philippe Clérié:
> I just caught the YouTube video of Michael Biebl's presentation at
> systemd.conf. It was good and informative and reminded me of the hard
> and many faceted work Debian developers and maintainers put in. Work for
> which I don't often enough show my appreciation. It's very comforting to
> know that the software I depend on is in such good hands, and this is a
> good time to say that I really, really appreciate the work.
> Thanks to all.

Thanks Philippe. I'm glad you liked the talk and that you appreciate our
work. I'd like to point out as well, that this is really a team effort.
I'm really happy that we have a great team around systemd in Debian


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