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Re: Openbox without other desktop environments.

On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 03:34:52PM +0100, Rene Funck wrote:

Hello Users

I have a virgin installation of Jessie v.8.2 and i want to run Openbox without other desktop environments. So my situation is almost identical to Dwijesh Gajadurs who posted to this list yesterday.

I followed the advises to Dwijesh: Installed Xorg, installed Openbox (my own idea, hope i didn't ruin anything, ha ha!), logged in as a regular user and executed startx.

It looked like the video-mode changed (probably from text to graphic) and then i had a working mouse-pointer on black screen.

Please help!

'startx' starts X. It appears that you've managed to get that working (evidenced by the mouse pointer). Press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to terminate X and return to the prompt.

"man startx" tells us that startx is a frontend to xinit. It also states that configuration should be done in ".xsession". So, open the file "~/.xsession" in your favourite editor (nano is a good beginners editor). In that, try something like the following:

xterm &

That will start an xterm terminal and background it (so that we can start another command in parallel), then run openbox and wait. X will terminate when the .xsession script stops, so we DON'T background this last command. Only when openbox exits will the X session shut down.

Hope that gives you a place to start :)

Regards, Rene.

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