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Re: Install MSWindz 7 as Virtual Machine on Debian 8


Am 09.11.15 um 19:58 schrieb D&P Dimov:
> I need to install MS Windows 7 as a Virtual Machine on a computer that
> is running Debian 8. To do that, I'd like to use software that is not
> proprietory (I know, I know - this may sounds a bit ridiculous...). This
> Debian page: https://wiki.debian.org/SystemVirtualization recommends
> Qemu, KVM, VirtualBox, and Zen. Does anyone have recommendations for
> which one is easiest to install for a novice? I tried the first one,
> Qemu, but didn't really find a good guide how to install MS Win 7 with it.
> Thanks!

QEMU is the old way doing this.

As mentioned from other people on the list VirtualBox is an easy way of
doing this.

If you want some nativ virtualisation check out KVM because this comes
straight from the kernel and also has a pretty nice Win7 support.

Now the biggest question is... Do you want to run this on a server or on
a desktop? For desktops with GUI support choose VirtualBox. IMHO KVM is
not that fast with VMs which comes with a GUI.
If you want to run this on a server and using RDP to connect on your VM
choose KVM. That's what I'm doing with virtualisation.


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