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Re: Kali, Redux

On 2015-11-05 at 09:41, Lisi Reisz wrote:

> On Thursday 05 November 2015 14:26:07 David Baron wrote:
>> Attempt to apt-get --reinstall install base-files will produce
>> error "cannot be downloaded." In Synaptic, the Debian symbol does
>> not appear with the package. Maybe it is only on stable?
> https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=base-files

Perhaps more usefully:

What does 'apt-cache policy base-files' say on your machine? Exact
output, please; don't just give part of the response, copy-and-paste the
entire thing, the way I did in my previous mail.

Similarly, what is the exact output you get from 'apt-get install
--reinstall base-files'?

Also, just to double-check: you have run 'apt-get update' recently,

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