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Re: Deleting i386 packages

Hey Chris,

It doesn't matter if some would like them to just vanish.
They do commit to the client but the scale of things might not be understood by all in the same level\manner.
MS doesn't and cannot commit to software maintenance in certain levels.
I do not know how much money they have and indeed if they are committed to PROFIT only with nothing else it would make them something else then what they are. I do not need google to understand some fundamentals of business and basic software complexity assessment. As I mentioned before, a complex software can be pretty hard to design and maintain. One of the reasons RedHat and Suse are being used on many critical systems is due to the commitment that the vendor gives to supply support and updates for a very long period of time and as a result there is a feature freeze period. If you will require services that are not available in the contract they will answer you all sort of things. Sometimes they answer that they cannot do a thing about it and in other times they patch the software by themselves. It is not far from MS but MS just does things in another way then it is being done on RedHat or Suse or others(externally).

As a side note, as much as I like google.. it's missing something and it will always be missing something. It cannot replace the basic human understanding of life. With all it's CPUs, disks, applications, DBs, statistics etc it cannot and can never be more then a sum of about 64bits operations(yes yes maybe later it would be more then that). If someone would ask you "do you want to see the world in 64 bits?" what would you prefer? a 64bits based world or a real world?

And no I have not tried to write a kernel or a gui or something similar since I think I would be the worst choice to make these and even if just to match msdos 6.2 with windows 3.11 capabilities. And yes google gives me the option to run a search query like "download freedos" these days but still this is about it. It cannot give affection, warmth and many other things which people who work in MS tries to give everyday either to their surrounding MS employes or the users. And yes in a weird way which is being presented by a 64bit CPU.

Google, Linux, MS and others just do the same thing but in different shapes.


* I cannot count the number of people who hate google more then MS..

On 29/09/2015 07:51, Chris Bannister wrote:
On Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 01:21:12PM +0300, Eliezer Croitoru wrote:
>Hey Martin,
>I was reading your note and it is not the reality or something that should
>be done but rather another side to consider when working with software
>I do agree that there is a benefit when the sources are open but companies
>like MS(just as an example) do not just vanish.
Some wish they would 'just vanish.'

>The above would be said for many other vendors that are committed to the
>client to support him.
They're not committed to the client, they're committed to PROFIT. It
doesn't take much googling to see some of the abysmal practices MS have
done over the years to see where their heart is.

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