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Re: can I access SD card in cell phone?

On 09/25/2015 03:35 AM, Li Wei wrote:
I have a Samsung S7572 cell phone
I install a SD card in phone, now I want to access the card in Linux, how to do it?
Samsung provides kies, which runs in Windows
I have some old phones, their cards can be accessed in Linux
but how to it with Samsung S7572?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Indulge (R910, Android 2.2.1) phone that automagically mounts on Wheezy Xfce when plugged in. Then metroPCS upgraded their cellular network, dropped support for that model, and I needed a new phone.

So, I bought a Motorola Moto G (XT1045, Android 4.4.4) from AT&T. When I plugged it in to Wheezy Xfce, nothing happened. After much STFW, RTFM, etc., I learned that I needed to use Media Transfer Protocol:


This is available via FUSE on Wheezy.  I installed two Apt packages:


created a mount directory:


added myself to the FUSE group:

    usermod -a -G fuse dpchrist

and figured out how to mount and umount the phone. (I can't remember if I needed to do anything on the phone, and I don't see anything in the settings now that looks relevant.) I put the relevant commands (with some simple checks) into a pair of shell scripts. See the sample console session that follows.


2015-09-25 17:00:18 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ ls -aF xt1045/
./  ../

2015-09-25 17:00:22 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ mount | grep xt1045

2015-09-25 17:00:26 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ cat camera-phone-scripts/mount-xt1045.sh
if cat /proc/mounts | grep -q "$mountpoint"
    echo "'$mountpoint' is already mounted" >&2
    exit 0
echo jmtpfs "$mountpoint"
     jmtpfs "$mountpoint"

2015-09-25 17:00:36 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ camera-phone-scripts/mount-xt1045.sh
jmtpfs /home/dpchrist/xt1045
Device 0 (VID=22b8 and PID=2e82) is UNKNOWN.
Please report this VID/PID and the device model to the libmtp development team
Android device detected, assigning default bug flags

2015-09-25 17:01:12 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ ls -aF xt1045/
./  ../  Internal storage/  SD card/

2015-09-25 17:01:19 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ mount | grep xt1045
jmtpfs on /home/dpchrist/xt1045 type fuse.jmtpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=********,group_id=********)

2015-09-25 17:01:23 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ cat camera-phone-scripts/umount-xt1045.sh
if ! cat /proc/mounts | grep -q "$mountpoint"
    echo "'$mountpoint' is not mounted" >&2
    exit 0
echo fusermount -u "$mountpoint"
     fusermount -u "$mountpoint"

2015-09-25 17:01:35 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ camera-phone-scripts/umount-xt1045.sh
fusermount -u /home/dpchrist/xt1045

2015-09-25 17:01:39 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ ls -aF xt1045/
./  ../

2015-09-25 17:01:45 dpchrist@t2250 ~
$ mount | grep xt1045

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