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Re: can I access SD card in cell phone?

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 03:09:18PM -0700, Li Wei wrote:
> maybe linux desktop market share in China is so small
> that Samsung remove PC connection option in Setting ??

This Android USB thing depends on the version of Android. My old Desire
Z (Android 2.3) worked as a generic USB mass storage. Galaxy S4 with
Android 4.4.2 as an MTP device.

Whats strange in my situation is that sometimes I can browse Galaxys
filesystem in Nautilus, mostly I can't. Haven't figured out the right
incantations to make it work always. Sorry, this doesn't help OP much
but one thing is sure. Some people have MTP working.

Something about MTP



Antti Talsta

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