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Re: Coder friendly font

On 09/21/2015 07:55 PM, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Monday 21 September 2015 18:16:59 Curt wrote:
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frutiger_%28typeface%29
>> "Frutiger (pronounced with a hard g) is a series of typefaces named after
>> its Swiss designer, Adrian Frutiger. Frutiger is a humanist sans-serif
>> typeface, intended to be clear and highly legible at a distance or at
>> small text sizes. A very popular design worldwide, font designer Steve
>> Matteson described its structure as "the best choice for legibility in
>> pretty much any situation" at small text sizes, while Erik Spiekermann
>> named it as "the best general typeface ever"."
> Sadly, it appears not to be available for Debian, or rather, in the Debian 
> Wheezy repositories.

Frutiger is not free: neither free-as-in-beer nor free-as-in-speach.
If you want to use it you have to pay for it. It may come bundled
with some commercial proprietary software packages.

> I use large point Bitstream Vera Sans.  Of all the ones I have tried, I have 
> found it the easiest and the least tiring, but I cannot justify this over 
> other similar fonts.  I just subjectively find it so.

Btw. there's also "Hack" that was recently announced, partially based
on Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. They have an own font license[1] for it,
where I'm not completely sure whether it's free-as-in-speach (clause
1 might be problematic in that regard), but its development model is
open and they claim to be "open source" and "libre" - and you can
definitely use it freely for your own documents.


(Haven't tried using it myself yet, but it fits the topic of this


[1] https://github.com/chrissimpkins/Hack/blob/master/LICENSE.md

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