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Re: Ethernet not working after wakeup

On 21/09/2015 09:39, Himanshu Shekhar wrote:
I probably had asked this question before, but I had no proper solution and
probably, the thread seems to be obsolete. I use internet with Ethernet
(the drivers are downloaded from my hardware manufacturer, Realtek, and I
have also tried the one that came bundled with Debian 8.1). However, I
found my ethernet connection missing (reports cable unplugged in
gnome-settings), after the system wakes from sleep.
Need a fix!

Try Google with the keywords:

debian ethernet after standby

It does seem to be mostly Ubuntu users with the problem, I suspect anyone using pure Debian with a laptop, like me, simply doesn't expect any kind of sleep mode to work properly. It's worth looking into suggestions using any distribution, as the likely problem areas are common to all. I have in the past tried fixing standby problems, but this area seems unusually prone to software rot, and it doesn't generally stay fixed for long.


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