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Re: a command with a long list of options

On Wed, September 16, 2015 1:26 am, Dr. Volker Thieme wrote:
> Enscript reads configuration information from the following sources (in
> this  order):  command  line  options, environment variable ENSCRIPT,
> user's personal configuration file ($HOME/.enscriptrc), site
> configuration file (/etc/enscriptsite.cfg) and system's global
> configuration file (/etc/enscript.cfg).
> The personal configuration resides in ~/.enscriptrc and NOT in
> ~/.enscript.cfg. esncript.cfg is the global config and resides in
> /etc/enscript.cfg

Forgive me; it is way past my bedtime, and I did not catch the "...rc".

But when I changed the name of .enscript.cfg to .enscript.rc and tried to
print a simple text file "howto.enscript", I get the error:

$ enscript howto.enscript
enscript:/home/rlh/.enscriptrc:4: illegal option: --verbose
bash: --header=$n|A.D. $D{%Y.%m.%d}|$* gmt | Page $% of $=: command not found


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