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a command with a long list of options

Now that I have switched from a2ps to enscript, I need to execute the
following command on various files:

enscript --verbose --media=letter -2 --landscape --borders
--header='$n|A.D. $D{%Y.%m.%d}|$* gmt | Page $% of $=' filename

I tried putting these parameters in the enscript configuration file (which
is ~/.enscript.cfg), but they were ignored.  From the enscript man page,
it appears that these options cannot be set in a configuration file.

So, can I define in bash an alias or something so that a command such as
"+enscript filename" can invoke enscript with these options on filename? 
Or can perl provide a solution?

I looked at two or three bash tutorials, but I did not quickly spot a


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