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Re: apt-cacher-ng not expiring any more

Quoting Eduard Bloch (edi@gmx.de):
> * David Wright [Tue, Aug 25 2015, 11:00:41AM]:
> > Running apt-cacher-ng on wheezy (with wheezy-backports), some missing
> > files in the repository are making the expiration step fail. Here are
> > the relevant lines from the log:
> > 
> > Checking/Updating debrep/dists/jessie-backports/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2...
> > 404 Not Found
> ...

> There is a newer BPO version where this problem should be fixed.
> > [Re missing .bz2 files]
> They were removed from mirrors because, well, they are not necessary and
> Jessie can work with .xz versions. However, apt-cacher-ng fails to
> accomodate to this fact and will try to get the zombie versions. As
> said, there is a workaround in a newer version.

The wheezy-backports-sloppy version, 0.8.3-1~bpo7+1 (i386) worked
well, but only until Sept 5/6; on this occasion, the disppearing file
is debrep/dists/jessie/InRelease:

Bringing index files up to date...
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/jessie/InRelease... 404 Not Found
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/jessie-backports/InRelease... (161KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/jessie-updates/InRelease... (138KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/jessie/main/binary-i386/Release... (0KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/sid/InRelease... (241KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/stable/Release... (144KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/testing/Release... (151KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/wheezy/Release... (0KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/wheezy-backports/Release... (163KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/wheezy-backports-sloppy/Release... (154KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/wheezy-updates/Release... (147KiB)
Checking/Updating debrep/dists/wheezy/main/binary-i386/Release... (0KiB)
Checking/Updating security.debian.org/dists/jessie/updates/InRelease... (0KiB)
Checking/Updating security.debian.org/dists/wheezy/updates/Release... (0KiB)
Found errors during processing, aborting as requested.

AFAICT InRelease is just a combination of Release with its Release.gpg
included at the end of the file. Once again, I'm not sure if I should
be carrying out some administrative step, or if it's just that
apt-cacher-ng doesn't have the flexibility to cope with what are
really quite minor changes to the Debian archive. After all, it's
obviously quite capable of handling both InRelease and
Release/Release.gpg but behaves like a starving man who refuses to eat
because the food is now offered in a bowl instead of on a plate.


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