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Re: /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf obsolete?

Mark Fletcher <mark27q1 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hello
> I'm currently trying to set up my Jessie system to play audio from my
> iPhone by bluetooth through my PC speakers. I've been following an
> online guide to doing so and it wants me to
> edit /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf to make the PC advertise itself as an
> A2DP sink. 
> Trouble is, I have no /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf, and instead I
> have /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf.dpkg-remove which raised my suspicions a
> little bit 

Well, it seems that it is indeed obsolete. I created the conf file and
proceeded to get the link to work. Then I removed the config file, restarted
Bluetooth, and... it is working anyway. Seems like this step just isn't
needed any more.

It should be noted that at the beginning, my computer could see my iPhone,
but my iPhone wasn't listing my computer as an available device. However,
after asking the computer to connect to the iPhone, the iPhone resopnded and
paired properly. And after that, after nudging pulseaudio to load the
bluetooth module, everything just worked. So this config file, it seems,
wasn't needed.


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