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/etc/bluetooth/audio.conf obsolete?


I'm currently trying to set up my Jessie system to play audio from my
iPhone by bluetooth through my PC speakers. I've been following an
online guide to doing so and it wants me to
edit /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf to make the PC advertise itself as an
A2DP sink. 

Trouble is, I have no /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf, and instead I
have /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf.dpkg-remove which raised my suspicions a
little bit :-)

A bit of googling revealed this bug report:


Which seems to imply that the conf file is now obsolete. If that's the
case, what has replaced it? On the web I can find many references to
editing this file for various purposes, and the above reference to it
being obsolete, but if it is obsolete I can't find any evidence of what
replaced it.



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