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Re: laptop-suspend

On Sat, 5 Sep 2015 01:54:53 -0500
rlharris@oplink.net wrote:

> Having grown old sitting in front of a desktop, I always viewed
> suspend, hibernate, etc., as nuisances; so even after acquiring a
> laptop, I never have learned to use those features.

I've had a couple of laptops and a netbook, and I'm much the same. The
only real use I have for suspend is when my current laptop is running
Win8, I need to leave somewhere in a hurry and it tells me it is going
to do updates before shutdown, which can easily take ten minutes. So
far, I haven't found out how to tell it not to, so I just close the lid
and sort it out later.

>  I could benefit
> from a tutorial on them.

More than that, I think. I've never known suspend to Just Work with any
Debian. It has always needs a bit of tweaking to work, and since I run
unstable on everything but my server, that's literally a waste of time.

The three usual problems:

- it just doesn't suspend
- as in this case, it comes back up but with the backlight off
- it comes back up without networking

If I really needed it, I could fix these things, but they seem to be
more prone to software rot than most things, at least in unstable.

I used to use suspend with an XP laptop, in the days when it was unusual
for a computer to be powered up in the house. It would come up to the
login prompt in three to four seconds. No, you can't do that with
systemd, or at least I can't. My desktop takes at least forty seconds
to come up after the grub prompt, and that's when it deigns to wake up
at all. Unstable is being a bit difficult at the moment.


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