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Re: Another system management tool to disappear.

On 9/2/2015 3:23 AM, Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI wrote:
On Wed, 2 Sep 2015 01:09:45 -0700
Seeker <seeker5528@comcast.net> wrote:

  > >> To exit the shell created with "machinectl shell", you are instructed
"Press ^] three times within 1s to exit session." That is very
unfriendly for disabled. Not all can hit any key in 1 second. To
specify two keys is even harder. There has never been mention of any
other method to exit this new shell command.
It is also very US centric, because on non US keybaord that combination
can be difficult to press (eg on french keyboard).
I looked up the French keyboard layout.
Granted I never had a reason to seek it out, but I have not seen anyone
complain about
'Ctrl'+'Alt'+'Del' being difficult to press.
Compared to that 'Ctrl'+'Alt'+')' to get ^] does not seem any more
Except that on my AZERTY keyboard 'Ctrl'+'Alt'+')' gets me nothing at all.

To get "]" I have to press "AltGr" + ")", which may explain why "Ctrl" + "AltGr" + ")"  gives nothing.
Cheers, Ron.
I guess that's another US thing, maybe other countries too.

The keyboard image I found on the internet was interactive and it just happened to be the 'Alt Gr'
key I was mousing over. I did learn some things. :-)

Even though the right 'Alt' normally gives the same scan code as 'Alt GR' it isn't usually labeled that way so in the US we more commonly just see two different keys labeled as 'Alt'. And things normally work the same way with either one. I only found this out when I was looking for the
layout for the French keyboard layout.

Also there was some indication that US laptops with smaller keyboards may cheat and give the
left 'Alt' scan code when you hit the 'Alt' key on the right.=-O

Later, Seeker

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