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Re: Another system management tool to disappear.

On 9/2/2015 3:25 AM, Lisi Reisz wrote:
On Wednesday 02 September 2015 09:09:45 Seeker wrote:
Unless you have set keyboard settings somewhere to have an excessively
slow repeat,
as opposed to a longer delay before the repeat kicks in, theoretically
it should not be
that hard to get 3 ^]s in 1 second.

Or am I interpreting something incorrectly?
Yes, you are.  You are ignoring the part that said "disabled".


Not ignoring, just questioning the need.

*If* like people are saying you can type 'exit' or hit 'Ctrl'+'D' to exit then there are more
familiar and on easier way to exit.

Some of this may have to be revisited later once more people actually use it and have
that first hand exposure to what works and what doesn't.

Maybe ^] was added as an additional exit method because Lennart uses other stuff that accepts that to exit and thought it would be nice for people who use that method to be
able to exit the shell session the same way.

If ^] is an emergency exit, that would assume it will work when you can't type 'exit' and 'Ctrl'+'D' doesn't work either. If it isn't, why would you need ^] 3 times in a second. If it is going to work when 'exit' and 'Ctrl'+'D' don't, it would need to intercept the key presses and decide whether to act on them or pass the to whatever is running inside the shell. If you intend those key presses to go to the program running in the shell you don't want the shell to act on it on the first key press and exit when what you really wanted was to exit the program running inside the shell. Same thing with any other key combination, you don't want the shell to exit if what you really wanted was for something to happen
inside the shell.

There is an argument for an easier key combination, but how do you make it more accessible for people who can't hold down a key combination long enough for the repeat
to kick in?

Later, Seeker

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