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Re: hw-detect/start_pcmcia=false on debian-installer cmdline causes segfault and loop


Felix Miata wrote:
> I started to file the following after trying unsuccessfully to get reportbug
> (6.6.3) to install on openSUSE.

I cannot talk it into using my peculiar SMTP sender contraption.
So i save its text templates and send them manually.

> To:     submit@bugs.debian.org

That's where i send mine.

> Package: debian-installer
> Version: x86/32 bit

In Debian, the 32 bit x86 machine type would probably be
reported by

  Architecture: i386

in the "-- System Information:" footer.
It should suffice to explicitely state in the message that you
experience it with a 32 bit Intel/AMD CPU.

A few days ago i filed

  Version: ?

Cyril Brulebois later mentioned versions as "20150813" and
"20150828". So if yours tells a date, use it as version text
(in brackets with question mark, since we are clueless ?).

When i asked Cyril where i would have learned the current
version number, he pointed me to

But in your case, the installer is probably older than

> can't recall ever having occasion to file a bug against it.

Modern times.

Have a nice day :)


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