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Re: Change systemd to not be default in Stretch

On Mon, 22 Jun 2015, Zebediah C. McClure wrote:
> Non-booting system because of race condition in drive mounting.

The ordering of drives by systemd is based on dependencies, and there
shouldn't be issues.

But that said, if you've found one, please file a bug with enough
details to reproduce it.

> Not correctly assembled lvm-raid volumes,

You mean lvm striping or mirroring? Assuming all of the drives are
detected, they should correctly be started. If you mean lvm+raid, then
if the raid is assembled, lvm should also start properly.

If this isn't happening, it's a bug which should be filed with enough
details to reproduce it. [lvm+raid is a configuration which I use
extensively, so I know it works in at least some configurations.]

> Syslog-ng udp remote logging broken.

I don't see a bug about this one, but it shouldn't have anything to do
with systemd. Please file a bug with details against syslog-ng.

> Network manager eth0 auto-dhcp broken.

What is your /etc/network/interfaces configuration? Do you have /e/n/i
managing eth0, but are expecting NM to do so?

> I haven't tracked it down yet but I also have sound problems on my
> desktop that only appear when systemd is around,

Sound problems of what kind?

> and some client's servers that can't correctly set their tape drive's
> block sizes anymore.

Tape drive block size should have nothing to do with systemd.

> systemd is [...] the only package that has caused me any headache.

There certainly have been bugs in systemd, but at least half of the
problems you've listed don't appear to be bugs in systemd, but are
possibly bugs in some other package.

In any event, please file the bugs if you'd like them fixed. Otherwise,
no one will know about them and/or fix them.

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