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Re: Help with ddrescue

On Friday 08 May 2015 21:09:42 German wrote:
> What will happen when I duplicate drive? Why is that failed drive is
> failed and duplicated drive might be repairable? If it's duplicated, it
> will be exactly the same, no? 

Yes, that is the point.  If there is something wrong with the disk then every 
time you read it you may be making it worse.  Every time you read it it may 
be the last time you can. And it has your precious data on.  So TAKE A COPY 
WHILE YOU CAN.  If the data are really precious take two copies.

Then work on a copy.  If you are working on it, you may destroy it or anyhow 
damage it.  If you are doing it to the one and only original that would 
matter.  Do it to a copy.  Make all the attempts you want on the copy.  You 
still have the original if something goes wrong.

> Confused.  And bad drive is physically ok 
> I think, it is just something wrong with file system. 

You could still lose or damage the files in the process of recovery.  Besides, 
how sure are you that it is not the drive?  How precious are the data?

> MTF? 
?????  Mean time to failure??


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