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problem with Samba on Jessie

I have a problem browsing shares on a Debian machine just upgraded to Jessie. The problem occurs when attempting to connect from a windows 7 machine, from another Debian machine running Samba but not yet upgraded, and also using smbclient on the machine itself.

On a first attempt to connect there is a "session setup failed NTS_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL" error, and the cause appears to be that getpwuid is called with uid -1 (or unsigned integer 4294967295). An attempt to connect immediately after is successful. After some timeout period the problem is reoccurs.

There has obviously been some change in samba or one of the packages that it depends on, in the upgrade to Jessie; I would appreciate any suggestions on what they might be.

Samba was upgraded from version 3.6.6 to 4.1.17 and I have maintained the smb.conf file that runs it as a standalone server. I would like to solve this problem before upgrading my second Debian machine -- I also have a problem with printing, as my printer is accessed by other machines as a Samba share on the upgraded machine.

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