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Re: Penguin Wireless N USB Adapter TPE-N150USBL

On Wed 06 May 2015 at 14:24:23 -0500, David Wright wrote:

> Quoting Brian (ad44@cityscape.co.uk):
> >    wlan0:avahi Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:c0:ca:72:68:d4
> > 
> > This also does not happen here.
> Nor here.
> > The OP's system has failed to get an
> > IP address on the wlan0 interface and has been provided with one by
> > avahi. Maybe the router and/or DHCP provision need exploring as a
> > cause for this.
> I know nothing about avahi. (Would I be right in thinking that it's
> something to do with mDNS that I don't need? And that it would be
> sensible to purge it?)

It would be unwise to purge avahi if machines on the network rely on
printing services.
> I don't know if is something that was assigned by the
> host, or came from outside in which case it might indicate some sort
> of radio communication has been made. (Hence my statement above.)
> Here's hoping the OP knows how to explore the router and/or DHCP provision.

I'm almost completely unfamiliar with how avahi works in this context.
The supplicant and dhclient have always done their jobs for me so there
has been no need for me to look into its interaction with ifupdown.

The OP should be looking at syslog and/or the journalctl output. What
avahi-daemon,avahi-autoipd and dhclient get up to should be in there.
Posting the relevant lines here could help with a diagnosis and a

I think avahi will assign an address from the link-local
range if there is no central dhcp server.

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