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Re: jessie: how to suppress emacs24 warnings

On 2015-04-27 14:57:05 -0500, Tim Kelley wrote:
> Well, typing it is cumbersome so you can do in ~/.bash_aliases or ~/.bashrc
> alias emacs='emacs > /dev/null 2>&1'
> I agree though, that is annoying, and a lot of GTK programs do that. And
> sending the output to null isn't really the right answer, since you'll miss
> actual errors that are important.

I completely agree. I would never do that. Writing a shell function
that greps out the Gtk-WARNING lines may be better.

> As far as I can tell, it's a compiled flag on gtk, so filing a bug
> against gtk is probably the best thing to do. You could rebuild the
> gtk deb from the source deb and change that and install it too, if
> you want to do that.

Are these messages output by the GTK library itself or reported to
Emacs or output by emacs itself?

Having output in a library (except for output functions, of course) is
bad practice (possibly except critical errors, like assertion failure
or memory corruption, which could mean an imminent crash or possible
data loss). Errors should be reported to the caller.

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