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Re: jessie: how to suppress emacs24 warnings

Erwan David wrote:
> Juha Heinanen a écrit :
> > Is there anything that can be done to get rid of those warnings?  Which
> > package the bug lies?  Is there any hope that the bugs are fixed before
> > the next Debian release?

To fix the bugs associated with those Gtk-WARNING messages it would be
necessary to roll up the sleeves, break out the editor, source code,
and compilers, and start working on the GTK libraries.  There are
seemingly endless bugs there.

> You may also use lucid-emacs which works well in X11 and does nit have
> those warnings since it does not use GTK. (and has same functionality).

+1 FTW!  Except that it is spelled "emacs-lucid".  I am using the
emacs-lucid to avoid some bugs in the GTK+ libraries.

  # apt-get install emacs24-lucid


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