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Re: jessie: how to suppress emacs24 warnings

Le 27/04/2015 21:16, Juha Heinanen a écrit :
> Tim Kelley writes:
>> If you just use the console emacs, you can install the emacs-nox version of
>> 24.
> In this case, i used x11 emacs, but started it from console.
>> In anycase, they’re just warnings, and can be ignored.
> Yes, I know, but the warnings consume the whole page of the terminal
> window and I cannot anymore see, what was there without scrolling back,
> which is annoying.
>> It’s just
>> stating something some other packager did was deprecated but still
>> functional .. you can start emacs with emacs >/dev/null 2>&1 if you like,
>> or not start it from the terminal and start from an icon or menu.
> Typing emacs >/dev/null 2>&1 is too cumbersome and starting from menu
> looses the directory where I am.  For example, if the current dir has a
> file that I want to edit, I just used to type
> emacs file
> but now I get all the garbage to the window which is not good.
> Is there anything that can be done to get rid of those warnings?  Which
> package the bug lies?  Is there any hope that the bugs are fixed before
> the next Debian release?

You may also use lucid-emacs which works well in X11 and does nit have
those warnings since it does not use GTK. (and has same functionality).

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