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Re: Can't redirect stout and stderr

Nicolas George <george@nsup.org> writes:

> Le sextidi 6 floréal, an CCXXIII, Rodolfo Medina a écrit :
>> Thanks.  But the file `typescript', just as the above `file', only includes
>> the `nice' part of update-grub's output, not the error messages.  What to
>> do?
> Hum... My crystal ball has an idea.
> Are you doing this in text console? X11 terminal emulator? SSH or other
> remote shell?

Text console, I suppose, tty1 - tty6: the ones before entering graphical

> In any case, look if the messages you see are not in `dmesg`, i.e. from the
> kernel rather than update-grub.

It seems to be the case.  I found those messages in dmesg's output, that, as
such, I could redirect to a file.  This maybe explains why I didn't manage to
send those messages to a file by redirecting update-grub's output: they were
not part of it - if I understand well - but part of dmesg's output!



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