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Re: bash, dash and sh

Hi Jeremy,
not sure whether you are aware of checkbashisms tool (part of devscripts package). That could help you to learn how to write POSIX compliant scripts.
Others helped you much more. :-)

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 5:02 AM, jeremy bentham <dnw@eskimo.com> wrote:
I am finally abandonning my fifteen-year-old computer and Lenny
for a six (?) year old used Gateway 2802 (as a Bad Consumer
(tm) I never buy anything new if I can avoid it) and, right now,
it has a start at Wheezy on it.

I happened to read on another list, and then verified for myself,
that /bin/sh is now a link to dash, instead of bash.

If I

cd /bin
sudo rm sh; ln -s bash sh

will I break a bunch of stuff?

I have a bunch of scripts

(ls -1 ~/bin | wc
   138   139   1302)

with the first line #!/bin/sh that use bashisms, and the above
would be a lot easier than editing each one (of course, maybe
just editing each one would be easier than doing this ;-) ).

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                 got the technology to do it!

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