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bash, dash and sh

I am finally abandonning my fifteen-year-old computer and Lenny
for a six (?) year old used Gateway 2802 (as a Bad Consumer
(tm) I never buy anything new if I can avoid it) and, right now,
it has a start at Wheezy on it.

I happened to read on another list, and then verified for myself,
that /bin/sh is now a link to dash, instead of bash.

If I

cd /bin
sudo rm sh; ln -s bash sh

will I break a bunch of stuff?

I have a bunch of scripts 

(ls -1 ~/bin | wc
   138   139   1302)

with the first line #!/bin/sh that use bashisms, and the above
would be a lot easier than editing each one (of course, maybe
just editing each one would be easier than doing this ;-) ).

Dave Williams    In order to save you from the terrorists, we
dnw@eskimo.com   need to find out about your sex life.  And we've
                 got the technology to do it!

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