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Re: .listadmin.ini and Mailman 2.1.14 (fwd)

Quoting Thomas Gramstad (thomas@ifi.uio.no):
> Is this the wrong place to ask this question?

Not really, but...

> I'm using listadmin (
> https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=listadmin ) to manage my
> Mailman lists on several different Mailman installations. I'm having
> trouble with one of the Mailman installations, which is version
> 2.1.14 (it should work with listadmin).

... what does "having trouble" mean? No error message, no symptoms,
no problem?

> I suspect I have some syntactic error in the .listadmin.ini file.

Why? Which line?

> Mailman is running at a subdomain, mailman.efn.no . One of the lists
> has this address: datahistorie@mailman.efn.no
> and I have this entry for the list in .listadmin.ini :
> username thomas@efn.no
> spamlevel 5
> default discard
> password ......
> adminurl http://{domain}/mailman/admin/{list}
> datahistorie@mailman.efn.no
> Is the adminurl syntax correct?

Looks ok to me. And the semantics too.
http://mailman.efn.no/mailman/admin/datahistorie asks me for a password.

> Or is there something else which is wrong or lacking?

My car won't start. Can you tell me how to fix it please?

> (The Mailman users list directed me to ask my question here.)

The good news:
listadmin is just a perl script. Do what you like with it.
Trace it with extra print statements.

The bad news:
22096 Oct  7  2007 listadmin-2.40.tar.gz (author's tarball)
 1858 Apr  9  2010 changelog.Debian.gz (jessie's deb)

So listadmin is way behind.
(So is mailman 2.1.14 for that matter: pre-wheezy. As for 2.1.9,
etch vintage. But I suppose you have no control over that.)


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