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Re: javaws


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On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 05:18:20AM -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
> >  Then after it sets everything right. I love
> >>it, as I am lazy and Andrew does a good job at it. Just a FYI, Ric
> >
> >This kind of laziness is good, but sometime it is just better to favour Debian ways.
> >BTW, the Debian Java Maintainers does a good job as well.
> Right, but they have to deal with OpenJDK in order to stay true to
> the Debian mission statement?

Since Oracle explicitly forbids to re-distribute their Java - what other
choice do they have?

> I cannot use OpenJDK since it doesn't
> work for the 3D graphic application I use. If you get curious,
> install galternatives, which is a handy GUI to examine/edit where
> alternatives are set to. That Oracle-7-installer sets them all, the
> ones I noted. To me, it beats the dickens out of going to Oracle via
> browser to install.

Oracle's Java is for enterprise. It's not designed for common folk.

> Using it, I have had no problems with ripping
> OpenJDK off my machine and then running OpenOffice.

And since the only thing that actually needs Java in OpenOffice (or
LibreOffice for that matter) is OpenOffice Base - that's not an
achievement at all.


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