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Re: wheezy drive recognition?

Quoting Gene Heskett (gheskett@wdtv.com):

> Then edit fstab to mount the LABEL = /opt drive on top of the /opt 
> directory is easy.  But Jessie will have installed some things in /home 
> and I am not convinced we have a mechanism/script I could apply to 
> update the image of wheezy's home on the LABEL=/home partition that will 
> not at that time, be mounted over the /home directory of the Jessie 
> install on the other to be main boot drive.

I can't parse this, sorry.

I can only guess that you *might* be referring to the situation where,
by accident or design, you leave a separate /home partition unmounted
while installing Debian on the root partition. On rebooting, d-i will
be found to have placed /home/<first-user>/{.bash_logout,.bashrc,.profile}
in / but it's a simple matter to boot single/recovery, move/remove
<first-user>/{.bash_logout,.bashrc,.profile} (if they offend you), and
mount your home partition on the now empty /home (adjusting fstab to suit).

If that's not the case, please ignore the above rather than
re-expounding what you really meant.

> And one other question:  Can the installer deal with a drive that has no 
> partition table on it? I know for a fact that as it stands for wheezy, 
> that it will not accept, even if it can see it, another partitioners 
> partition tables.  It absolutely has to write its own table and nothing 
> a human can concoct will ever suit it.  Frankly, debian needs to get an 
> alaskan divorce from whatever its called and use gparted and be done 
> with it.

I don't know the expression "alaskan divorce". Could it be where you
walk from the divorce court straight back to the registry office to
get re-married?


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