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Re: free cloud

Petter Adsen wrote:

> Switzerland might be good, unfortunately I don't know of any cloud
> services there, but I'm sure there are. But if the NSA wants data
> stored on servers in Switzerland badly enough, do you really think
> Swiss laws would stop them?
> Petter

I mean a situation where they come to you as service provider and tell you
to deliver the encryption keys for the services you provide.
In this case Swiss and Austrian Law is still much harder to bend.
The back side is ... do you want to host data of mentally sick people ...
like islamists, pedophiles or alike - and how would you guarantee that
there is none? For me this is an important question - that I can still not
answer. Assume you sell a service with encrypted mail, cloud etc. Surely
you get people from the underground world, that would like to use the
service. How do you prevent the service being used by such people?
Ideas? I have never had the time to look for theoretical papers or
implementations on this subject.


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