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Re: No suspend in XFCE without systemd?

Op 08-04-15 om 23:45 schreef Brian:
> On Wed 08 Apr 2015 at 19:07:05 +0200, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
>> I've made a Debian Jessie laptop for a customer, who does not want
>> systemd. Because of dependencies with systemd I don't have policykit
>> installed.
>> When I do a "pm-suspend" as root the laptop comes into suspend state,
>> but in XFCE the options are grey.
>> When I do "xfce4-power-manager --dump" then I see that it can do suspend
>> and hybernate, but is not authorized to do it. I think it will have to
>> do with the missing policykit.
>> Does somebody know here more?
> Perhaps you can be more detailed about two things?
> 1. What does your customer mean by "does not want systemd""? If this a
>    matter of not wanting systemd as the init system Jessie already
>    accomodates this.

Not sure if "not wanting systemd as the init system" is enough for my
customer. Maybe she means: "I don't want the package systemd on my
computer", what means that logind is not possible too.
I speak her in a few days.

> 2. What steps did you take to accomodate his wishes?

I did install a normal installation with an XFCE desktop. Then I did:

apt-get install sysvinit-core sysvinit sysvinit-utils
apt-get remove --purge --auto-remove systemd
echo -e 'Package: systemd\nPin: origin ""\nPin-Priority: -1' > \

The "apt-get remove" step did remove much, too much, from the system, I
would not use that again. It removed e.g. lightdm and task-xfce-desktop,
but I could reinstall those packages without problems.

Some other packages what are removed: gvfs-daemons, colord, packagekit,
udisk2, policykit, hplip, network manager.

The most work was network manager, but I've replaced that with wicd. The
configuration of wifi was not easy, a few hints:

rfkill list
rfkill unblock all
ifconfig wlan0 up
find the configuration in wicd, and configure the wlan device.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer, Groningen

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