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Low pressure die casting parts


Here is the prefossional aluminum foundry with advanced machining equipments.
To reduce cost, manufacturers in your market are buying casting parts and component from us.

We have developed the low pressure die castings for their parts instead of gravity casting and sand casting, so that they are more pressure tight and leak free.
Of course, other castings are also available from us, like gravity die casting, sand casting, premanent mold casting to meet your different demand.
All molds made by ourself to reduce your cost. Advanced machining equipments and testing equipments are available from us.

40% of our shipment are for your market, which are proving our competitive in pricing and quality.
Shall you have any interest, pls contact for possible deal.

Bob Hu

Ningbo Yinzhou Xusheng Machinery Factory
Skype: bobhu1
Tel: 0086-574-88128603
Cell: 0086-1395832 7774

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